A Noisy Cat Named Thai

Well today is Saturday and my pug sisters and I woke up real early. We share our house with a noisy cat named Thai. She HAS to poop or pee at like 3:00 in the morning and makes all kinds of scratching noises in the litterbox. Phoebe starts barking and everyone sort of runs around the bed. Then Poppie (who will eat cat poop if given the chance) jumps off the bed. Mom and Dad groan cuz we are up so early. Thai starts mewing. It’s all crazy.

Dad gets up and feeds the crazy cat and lets us out to pee. Then he lays on the couch with us. We all jockey for position and sleep on top of him. Mom says she hears us all snoring and can’t tell human from pug!

Aaahhh…I love this life.

Love Poco

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