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You are here because you are a Pug Enthusiasts from somewhere around the globe. Hi! My name is Audrey and I am here to unite fellow Pugs and their People.

To inform.  To share.  To entertain!

Bookmark this page and come back frequently. Your knowledge needs to be shared.  Your questions need to be answered.  Pug Face is the platform for all things pertaining to Pugs and the people who love them.


About – Pug Face…MEET THE PUG LADY


Audrey Webb — I am the proud Pug Mom of four pugs and a proven Pug Enthusiast for more than 10 years.
I have successfully published all types of content about pugs and am active in the pug world, especially in Social Media where our Editor (Poco the Pug, see below) has her own Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I also have an active Pinterest Board called “Pugs I Love” where I share great images of pugs.

I definitely support pug rescue.  My youngest two pugs are both rescues and I’m an expert at giving you every reason why you should adopt.  I also have two pugs that came from a little-known breeder and can share with you the discomforts that are involved in that as well.  For me and my well-bred pugs, there can be a lot of conversations about ups and downs that are well worth sharing.

Additionally, I am known by some as the “Pug Lady.”  I have successfully organized the largest Pug Meetup in Arizona for nearly 7 years.  I’ve heard it all and I’ve been asked it all.

On Our PugFace Blog – “THE POCO DIARIES” — you will see posts by me and other experts from the Pug world.  You will also see that my Editor, Poco, will sometimes author a post from a pug’s perspective.  This keeps it light, fun and informative.

I hope you enjoy and feel compelled to leave your comments.  Help us to unite pug owners and pug lovers from around the globe.  Welcome!

Note:  My four pugs are Poco (my first pug and inspiration), Poppie, Phoebe and Mr. Bubba !



Poco. Kind of sounds like cocoa with a P. It means “little” in Spanish. At least that’s what I’m told. I started the Pug Face Blog on April 11, 2010 for all of the Pug Lovers of the World!  Finally…the time has arrived to take it to the next level in 2013!

I was born a Pug on December 29, 2003.  Nearly 10 years of great Pug Knowledge will saturate these pages. One can acquire all kinds of information in 10 pug years.

Sometimes I get to write my own blog posts.  They are much more fun than the ones Audrey (my mama peeps) writes!   May I assume that since you are reading this that you are a true Pug Lover. Therefore you need to become a member of Pug Face and share your two-cents. Every little bit is helpful for the Pugs and their People around the world.

You can also upload your photo and become a star in the monthly Pug Face Contest.   Get involved.  Be seen.

Love — Poco

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