Skin Cancer in Dogs

How To Detect Skin Cancer in Dogs

I have a Pug Meetup once each month and it just so happened to be today. At the meetup, the members started discussing the skin cancers that their pugs have had.  I was a bit surprised by this.  Of course I know that dogs get cancer but my mind never really wandered to the type they were discussing.  Skin cancer?

Research time.  Here’s what they say over at

As in almost any form of cancer in dogs, but especially with certain types of skin cancer, it is critical to identify and treat this disease in its early stages. Examine your dog monthly by separating the hair with your fingers and closely look at the skin. Check for:

  •        tumors, areas of color change, or scaly, crusty lesions.
  •        new growths or a change in color or size of an existing growth calls
  •        tumors that bleed easily or areas that do not to heal
  •        an area the dog is continually licking or scratching
  •        swelling in the breast tissue or discharge from a nipple
  •        suspicious lumps or areas of discoloration under the tail
  •        masses or tissue that seems different from surrounding areas in the mouth

                  If you detect any of the above, contact your veterinarian immediately.


What an incredibly informative website.  I also learned that little is known about how dogs actually get skin cancer but that exposure to sun can increase the likelihood of a variety of cancers.  Of course, genetics can play a part as well as the breed of dog.

Here is what it might look like: (image credit:

skin cancer in dogs  skin cancer in dogs  skin cancer in dogs


While I don’t want to scare anyone this is important information, we as pug owners, need to have.  A big SHOUT OUT to my peeps at the Meetup this morning!  Let’s send good thoughts to them and their pugs that have been through this!

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Pugs Love Laundry Day

It’s Laundry Day and My Pugs Love It!

It never fails.  The dirty clothes are hauled to the laundry room (in our case, a very tiny room indeed). The clothes are carefully loaded into the washing machine. White and lights, dark with dark…you know the drill.  The next load of clothes is on the floor in the white basket. Ready, set, GO!  Yep, Pugs love laundry day!

Oops. There seems to be a problem. One little pugger (Poco) insists that she must have something from within the basket (big deal, it’s just a dryer sheet). Pawing at the basket isn’t enough. Crying should do it. I know she’s thinking I’ll give in and give her that “something” laying hidden in the basket.

Meanwhile, Poco is being licked to death by Poppie and, oh my…what is this?  Phoebe has found something yummy to suck on.

Ahh, the remarkable phenomenon called “laundry” and how it’s played out at our house.  Every. Single. Time.  Aaahhh, pugs.

Let’s have a look.


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My Pug Forgot He Was Potty Trained

My Pug Forgot He Was Potty Trained

I just received an email from a new pug mom who is about to give up on her boy puppy because he forgets he is potty trained (he is 7 months old).

Here are some excerpts:

“…I have had him since 2 months and started potty training immediately.  He did very well!”

“….he just starts circling and goes.  Of course, I take him out if he starts circling but if I do not catch it, he just goes.  He does not even try to hold it in.  This little guy will be the death of me!!!  Just tell me that this gets better!”

“…while playing with him he all of a sudden he starts biting”

“…He could care less what you expect from him”

“…. He has a lot of attention.  He bites the rug to make holes in it and chews furniture if you are not paying attention to him while cooking or doing laundry.  He is exhausting!!!

“…(He has a crate which he hates he bites and chews that also).”

I felt really bad for this woman and her struggles with getting her pug potty trained.  However, this little Pug is still a puppy at 7 months old.  We all know Pugs can be stubborn and all four of mine have forgotten at some point that they are potty trained.  I wrote her back and tried to encourage her and gave her as many pointers as I could come up with.  I’ve asked her to send me a picture of the little fella and to keep me posted.

I’ll let you all know how it goes!  Have a Happy Day!

Image credit: shock77 / 123RF Stock Photo
Image credit: ynmcreations / 123RF Stock Photo


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Why are Pugs So Cute

Why are Pugs So Cute

Recently Quora posted the question:  Why are Pugs So Cute?  Here’s how we answered from PugFace.

As seen on

  • Some people (we know who you are) don’t think Pugs are cute at all.  I secretly used to be one of them until I was adopted by one.  To date I’ve been adopted 4 times and that makes me qualified to comment why PUGS ARE CUTE!
  • Pugs are better than humans and they know it
  • Pugs know how to love unconditionally
  • Pugs are clowns in funny fur and wrinkles.  Face it.  That’s ” why are Pugs are so cute.”
  • Pugs can imitate other creatures.  The Pig comes to mind.  Snort!
  • Pugs can play games like “On the couch, off the couch, on the couch. Run wild through the living room.  On the couch, off the couch”…etc….
  • Pugs can scream wildly, especially in the car on the way to the park.  That’s “why are Pugs are so cute.”
  • Pugs can make their face quiver when they scream.
  • Pugs absolutely love baseball and football on TV.  They watch very intently.
  • Pugs know which commercials they hate and will always voice their opinion.
  • Pugs are smart and some even refuse to pee outside when it’s raining.  They know better than go out in the rain.
  • Pugs are Pugs.  They are perfect, cute little packages of joy that steal your heart and they love love love kisses!
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Pugs and Toilet Paper

English: Toilet paper Русский: Туалетная Бумага

English: Toilet paper Русский: Туалетная Бумага (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is it about a pug, a roll of toilet paper, and  an open bathroom door?

Heck if I know.  I can tell you this.  Pugs (well some of them, like Poco, our Editor) have an affinity for knowing just when you left that bathroom door open a wee bit (no pun intended) and that you are now in the kitchen, or elsewhere in the house but most importantly… out of sight!

The house is suddenly a little too quite.  No barking.  No snorting.  Silence.

Then you hear it!  Pug paw toenails prancing in the other room.  Maybe a snort.  You peek around the corner and BAM…your entire living room redesigned.  It looks like you were getting ready for Halloween and trying to do the mummy costume thing with toilet paper.  But – it has gone terribly wrong. 

“©[Yael Weiss]/123RF.COM”

Your eyes meet.  The pug’s butt is in the air.  Front legs stretched out front of that wrinkled face.  Eyes big with the mouth at the floor.  Said toilet paper in that funny pug mouth.  Who’s going to make the first move.  Easy…that’d be you!

The second you move toward that little pug toilet paper thief….off he (she) goes BUT with the toilet paper still in the mouth.  Unraveling, unraveling, more and more and more.  Darting about…taunting you.  Making weird noises.  Running as far and fast as those little legs can go.  Then you yell STOP!

Silence.  Sad eyes (the pug’s not yours, your eyes are serious).  You say “leave it.”  More sad eyes.  Then, there’s a retreat.  This little thief knows the fun is over and that he’s gotten away with nothing.  As you busily collect damp, mouthed-on toilet paper and the scraps of it everywhere, that little pug decides the only thing he can do is help you.  Before you know it, he’s at it again.

STOP.  “This is not a game” you proclaim.

That’s when the little pug head bows, looks up at you with big round eyes and you find that wrinkled little face totally irresistible.  You scoop the little wrinkled bundle of joy into your arms and hug it with all your gentleness.  Then you prroclaim your love.

The price of that TP all over the room can never compare to the smile in your heart and the pug in your arms.


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