My Pug Forgot He Was Potty Trained

My Pug Forgot He Was Potty Trained

I just received an email from a new pug mom who is about to give up on her boy puppy because he forgets he is potty trained (he is 7 months old).

Here are some excerpts:

“…I have had him since 2 months and started potty training immediately.  He did very well!”

“….he just starts circling and goes.  Of course, I take him out if he starts circling but if I do not catch it, he just goes.  He does not even try to hold it in.  This little guy will be the death of me!!!  Just tell me that this gets better!”

“…while playing with him he all of a sudden he starts biting”

“…He could care less what you expect from him”

“…. He has a lot of attention.  He bites the rug to make holes in it and chews furniture if you are not paying attention to him while cooking or doing laundry.  He is exhausting!!!

“…(He has a crate which he hates he bites and chews that also).”

I felt really bad for this woman and her struggles with getting her pug potty trained.  However, this little Pug is still a puppy at 7 months old.  We all know Pugs can be stubborn and all four of mine have forgotten at some point that they are potty trained.  I wrote her back and tried to encourage her and gave her as many pointers as I could come up with.  I’ve asked her to send me a picture of the little fella and to keep me posted.

I’ll let you all know how it goes!  Have a Happy Day!

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Pug Farts (oops, Flatulence)

I smell Pug Farts

Is it really true that Pugs fart a lot? Well, some do. Some don’t. I very seldom fart but my sister Phoebe can sure hold her own!

Pug Flatulence

I smell a fart!

Truthfully, all dogs pass gas occasionally but we Pugs are the King of all Farters! The reason…we are greedy and want to eat as much and as fast as we can. In fact, we eat so fast that sometimes we have to cough AND we swallow air with our food. Just can’t get that food in our bellies fast enough!

What can you do so that we Puggers don’t embarrass your friends and family with our farts? Well for starters you might have to change our diets a bit. WOW…I’m a pug and I’m suggesting you change my Pug Diet. Yep…some foods that contain corn, liver and beef (often found in treats) actually may encourage flatulence. Pug food should be the real deal…meat. No cereal based stuff for us. Meat is more easily digested in most dogs. How about supplements? Prozyme might help Pugs digest food better.

My food bowl is flat. Did you know you can actually buy food bowls that have strategically placed obstacles in them which will make Pugs (or any dog) slow down when they eat their grub? That’s right…you can find them at most pet supply stores. If I slow down when I chow, less airand the result is…I will fart less!

stinky, flatulenceSo…if you don’t like the Fart…do something smart! Love, Poco the Pug 🙂

Image credit: lenm / 123RF Stock Photo

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