Skin Cancer in Dogs

How To Detect Skin Cancer in Dogs

I have a Pug Meetup once each month and it just so happened to be today. At the meetup, the members started discussing the skin cancers that their pugs have had.  I was a bit surprised by this.  Of course I know that dogs get cancer but my mind never really wandered to the type they were discussing.  Skin cancer?

Research time.  Here’s what they say over at

As in almost any form of cancer in dogs, but especially with certain types of skin cancer, it is critical to identify and treat this disease in its early stages. Examine your dog monthly by separating the hair with your fingers and closely look at the skin. Check for:

  •        tumors, areas of color change, or scaly, crusty lesions.
  •        new growths or a change in color or size of an existing growth calls
  •        tumors that bleed easily or areas that do not to heal
  •        an area the dog is continually licking or scratching
  •        swelling in the breast tissue or discharge from a nipple
  •        suspicious lumps or areas of discoloration under the tail
  •        masses or tissue that seems different from surrounding areas in the mouth

                  If you detect any of the above, contact your veterinarian immediately.


What an incredibly informative website.  I also learned that little is known about how dogs actually get skin cancer but that exposure to sun can increase the likelihood of a variety of cancers.  Of course, genetics can play a part as well as the breed of dog.

Here is what it might look like: (image credit:

skin cancer in dogs  skin cancer in dogs  skin cancer in dogs


While I don’t want to scare anyone this is important information, we as pug owners, need to have.  A big SHOUT OUT to my peeps at the Meetup this morning!  Let’s send good thoughts to them and their pugs that have been through this!

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