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    Potty training a puppy (or sometimes an adult dog) can be frustrating.  Some breeds can be particularly difficult to potty train but not usually because they are less than brilliant.  Instead, as with Pugs, it’s because they are a bit defiant and stubborn. Ask your questions and share your knowledge with others as we discuss how to potty train our Pugs.

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    We recently received this email…we responded to it but we’d like more feedback.

    Dear Audrey,

    I came across your blog while searching pug blogs. I really like your blog and you seem like you really know your pugs. I hope you do not mind if I ask you a few questions. I own a little boy pug (black) who is 7 months old. He is so cute and I love him so much, but I have to tell you he is wearing me out. I just do not get it. You see, I have had him since 2 months and started potty training immediately. He did very well! Now I know that pugs have weak bladders and they have accidents. But it is not weak bladder in my case, he just goes in the house! All of a sudden he forgot he was potty trained. He does not have trouble with urinating that he will do outside but poops with no problem in the house. I take him out all the time. We had a nice schedule going and it all went out the window! We have had some bad weather, we live in NJ and it snowed and I thought that was the problem but it seems that is not the problem! He loves to walk and play in it. Now, I have owned a pug before and I never had this problem. He does not give me a clue he has to go, he just starts circling and goes. Of course, I take him out if he starts circling but if I do not catch it, he just goes. He does not even try to hold it in. This little guy will be the death of me!!! Just tell me that this gets better! Is there light at the end of the tunnel? We even had him using bells to tell us he has to go and he was starting to pick that up and all of a sudden he lost interest in that. We even do treats that does not have a great impact on him.

    Another problem I am having is while playing with him he all of a sudden he starts biting. I have gone to training classes and followed all the rules and nothing is working. You try and correct him and it does not sink in that he is doing bad. He could care less what you expect from him. I am with him 24/7. He has a lot of attention. He bites the rug to make holes in it and chews furniture if you are not paying attention to him while cooking or doing laundry. He is exhausting!!! Is this a maturity thing he is going through? Any advice you can give me on what I should be doing. I appreciate it. (He has a crate which he hates he bites and chews that also).



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