Mesa Pug Meetup – Huge Success

I love the Mesa Pug Meetup.  I get to run.  I get to play.  I get to sniff.  I get there real early so that my Mom and Dad can get the table set up where they take attendance, greet everyone and get those all important shot records documented.

My sisters Poppie and Phoebe love it too!

We meet at Power Road Animal Hospital.  I love their huge backyard.  I think we could fit 1000 pug friends back there if we wanted to.  I don’t know if the parking lot could accommodate that many pugs and their people but it sure would be fun to try.

It’s Sunday night now and I’ve played hard this weekend.  Off to bed soon.

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  1. Poco. You are so right on! The Mesa Pug Meetup is the greatest. I run and play like a crazy Pug on steroids. In fact, Mom and Dad get kinda mad just before we leave cuz I just know I’m leaving for the Meetup. They have a really hard time getting my harness on me cuz I’m all nutz. Then, in the car…I try to jump from the back seat to the front seat. Mom doesn’t like that very much. But I shake with enthusiasm and am so very excited.

    I love it. It tires me out though!

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