My Vet Closed The Doors Today

I am very sad tonight.  The Vet Hospital that I go to closed it’s doors today.  I’ve been going there since I was 7 weeks old.  They diagnosed my funky flap in my throat that had to be removed.  They knew I couldn’t breath through my tiny nostrils (I had them enlarged), and they’ve taken great, great care of me.

What’s a pug to do?  The Vet Hospital gave our Mesa Pug Meetup Group an amazing venue to meet at too?  All of my pug friends and their people are very sad tonight.  We all had favorite people there who are now out of a job.  These people were great.  Especially Christy.  When I came to the Vet, Christy would get right down to my level and play with me on the floor.
So.  I am very sad.  I’ll miss all my friends at Power Road Animal Hospital. I’ll dream you all well wishes.

Love, Poco

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