Phoebe’s Ears Are Wet Again

It’s strange. There seems to be some sort of odd hierarchy amongst my sisters Poppie, Phoebe and myself. I was the first to arrive in my household. I was followed about 9 months later by my sister Poppie (we had the same parents but came a litter apart). Then we rescued Phoebe. Mom has no idea who is alpha dog in this household of girls. It’s not me…but I do believe it might be Poppie.

Anyway…Poppie has this fetish for Phoebe’s ears.  Every day I say to my husband, “Phoebe’s ears are wet again.”  Poor Phoebe just stands there and lets Poppie suck away at them. They are wet most of the time. Dad scolds Poppie and she quits licking for about…2 seconds. That’s it. I actually think that Phoebe secretly loves it.

What’s funny is that Dad says, “someday we’ll come home and Phoebe will be gone cuz Poppie licked her to death.” LOL

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