PugFace of the Month

June 2014 – Lucy

CONGRATULATIONS LUCY — It doesn’t get much cuter than this!



Pugface of the Month is a fun way to see pugs from around the globe.  There are no prizes for being Pugface of the Month except to say that you get to show off how proud you are of your pug and how unique and beautiful each and every pugface is.  We all know that pugs arrive in this world as tiny little creatures.  Some sleep on their backs.  Some are rigid and will only allow you to hold them a certain way.  Some snort, some don’t.  Pugs can be long or short.  Some have tight curly tails and some pugs tails just kinda make you laugh.  Some pugs have lots of wrinkles and some don’t.  Some pugs have long legs and some are very close to the ground. Some pugs eat like it’s their last meal while other pugs can munch throughout the day without worry of gorging themselves.  They are just plain little individual packages with big old personalities.

Nonetheless…there is no dog more entertaining than the pug!

Visit our Pugface archive page to see past winners.

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