Pug Costumes Ruled at our Pug Meetup

Hello – this is Poco! Pug Halloween Costumes were the rage at our last Pug Meetup. Forty-one pugs attended this annual party and sported some of the finest and funniest Pug Costumes I’ve ever seen. My Mom is working on a little video that I will post later today. She’s been sick and so is a bit behind on her editing duties. (Hurry up Mom – the Pug World is waiting on you!). Just for a little taste…here’s a picture of the Grand Prize Winners.

Pugoween Costume Contest - Grand Prize Winners

My pug friends Tawny and Dot won the contest as a flower and a bee! Their Mom made the flower costume which was great! Now they get to take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway for looking so good! Pugs love Halloween! Love – Poco

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