Pugs and Hot Weather

Pugs and Hot Weather

Pugs and Hot Weather Don’t Mix

Do you realize how much the Pug Breed is sensitive to heat and humidity? It is very important that you are in-tune to the outdoor temperatures as summer is approaching. Temperatures above 80-85 degrees can be hazardous to your Pugs health. Temperatures in that range and above have been known to cause heat stroke which is potentially deadly to a Pug.

In addition it’s also possible that over- exposure to high temperatures can cause long term damage to your Pugs organs including the heart, kidney and liver. It’s not at all uncommon for Pug owners to find their Pugs enjoy laying outside, even on hot surfaces, but please remember that your Pug really doesn’t know any better and it’s up to you to be the responsible Pug Owner.

Be alert to the temperature outside. If you live in high humidity areas or hot areas like Arizona – well, the warm weather for Pugs has already begun! Be sure that your Pug doesn’t stay outside for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.  Remember — Pugs and hot weather do not mix!

Heatstroke comes on quickly, in a matter of seconds, and it could cost your Pug his life. Don’t be tempted to leave your Pug outside just because everything seems fine at the moment.

Be safe this summer and keep your Pug indoors. Don’t forget to exercise!

Image credit: vladischern / 123RF Stock Photo


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