Pugs and Laser Lights – What’s Wrong with Poppie?

Pugs and Laser Lights – What’s Wrong with Poppie?

It’s been awhile. I apologize to all of my faithful pug lovers out there who were worried that something had gone wrong with me. I’m fine. I’m healthy. Pugs Rule!

BUT….what about my sister Poppie?

Pugs and Laser Lights – It Can Ruin Your Dog!

She is driving us all nuts. She whines and barks like crazy whenever there is a reflection from anything on our ceiling. Like when mom takes a fork out of the silverware drawer. Poppie goes crazy and then spins around and then runs and bites little Phoebe’s ears. Years ago she was teased a bit with a laser light. Of course she loved it but I think it set something off in that little brain of hers. It’s crazy pug behavior. Wish she’d knock it off!

Update:  Poppie is now almost 10 years old and still looks for light on the ceiling.  She continues to bark at nothing but light reflecting through the window.  I would never, ever again allow a laser light near my pooches!

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