Pugs and Parvo – Tips and Prevention

This was an excerpt from the book, “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook” 3rd Edition by James M. Giffin MD & Liisa D. Carlson, DVM.

Originally appeared as Ask the Vet by Dr. Shawn Ashley in Pug Talk Magazine (Jan/Feb/92)

In 1978 an epidemic swept the United States in which puppies were dying acutely of severe vomiting, profuse diarrhea, marked dehydration, and circulatory shock. A minute DNA virus resembling the feline panleukopenia (parvo) virus was isolated. Parvovirus-I was isolated from both domestic an wild dogs, wolves, and coyotes. The virus was found highly contagious, being transmitted primarily by the fecal to oral route and fomite contamination. A vaccine was soon derived.

The most important Tip here is — Get your Pug vaccinated!

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