Pugs and Toilet Paper

English: Toilet paper Русский: Туалетная Бумага

English: Toilet paper Русский: Туалетная Бумага (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is it about a pug, a roll of toilet paper, and  an open bathroom door?

Heck if I know.  I can tell you this.  Pugs (well some of them, like Poco, our Editor) have an affinity for knowing just when you left that bathroom door open a wee bit (no pun intended) and that you are now in the kitchen, or elsewhere in the house but most importantly… out of sight!

The house is suddenly a little too quite.  No barking.  No snorting.  Silence.

Then you hear it!  Pug paw toenails prancing in the other room.  Maybe a snort.  You peek around the corner and BAM…your entire living room redesigned.  It looks like you were getting ready for Halloween and trying to do the mummy costume thing with toilet paper.  But – it has gone terribly wrong. 

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Your eyes meet.  The pug’s butt is in the air.  Front legs stretched out front of that wrinkled face.  Eyes big with the mouth at the floor.  Said toilet paper in that funny pug mouth.  Who’s going to make the first move.  Easy…that’d be you!

The second you move toward that little pug toilet paper thief….off he (she) goes BUT with the toilet paper still in the mouth.  Unraveling, unraveling, more and more and more.  Darting about…taunting you.  Making weird noises.  Running as far and fast as those little legs can go.  Then you yell STOP!

Silence.  Sad eyes (the pug’s not yours, your eyes are serious).  You say “leave it.”  More sad eyes.  Then, there’s a retreat.  This little thief knows the fun is over and that he’s gotten away with nothing.  As you busily collect damp, mouthed-on toilet paper and the scraps of it everywhere, that little pug decides the only thing he can do is help you.  Before you know it, he’s at it again.

STOP.  “This is not a game” you proclaim.

That’s when the little pug head bows, looks up at you with big round eyes and you find that wrinkled little face totally irresistible.  You scoop the little wrinkled bundle of joy into your arms and hug it with all your gentleness.  Then you prroclaim your love.

The price of that TP all over the room can never compare to the smile in your heart and the pug in your arms.


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