Pugs Love Laundry Day

It’s Laundry Day and My Pugs Love It!

It never fails.  The dirty clothes are hauled to the laundry room (in our case, a very tiny room indeed). The clothes are carefully loaded into the washing machine. White and lights, dark with dark…you know the drill.  The next load of clothes is on the floor in the white basket. Ready, set, GO!  Yep, Pugs love laundry day!

Oops. There seems to be a problem. One little pugger (Poco) insists that she must have something from within the basket (big deal, it’s just a dryer sheet). Pawing at the basket isn’t enough. Crying should do it. I know she’s thinking I’ll give in and give her that “something” laying hidden in the basket.

Meanwhile, Poco is being licked to death by Poppie and, oh my…what is this?  Phoebe has found something yummy to suck on.

Ahh, the remarkable phenomenon called “laundry” and how it’s played out at our house.  Every. Single. Time.  Aaahhh, pugs.

Let’s have a look.


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