Pugs Love To Watch TV

Pugs Love To Watch TV

There has been a lot of chatter lately on my Facebook page about Pugs and how they watch TV.  It’s true…Pugs, like humans, love to watch TV.  Poco will sit with a bone in her mouth and lick, lick lick.  Her eyes never roam from the huge TV screen.  I swear, the second there is an animal (especially horses) she is on her feet and whining like she’s injured.  I know that she thinks that horse is right there in the living room until she runs to the screen and chases it away (which only happens because we minimize the picture before she scratches the screen with those little Pug toenails of hers).   It’s funny because she almost loses control of her sensibility.

Let’s Face It – Pugs Love to Watch TV – That’s That.

Not only does Poco (and her three sisters) go crazy for the images on the TV but they also are very in tune to sounds and jingles.  They can be in another room and if a particular song comes on they instantly know what animal follows!  Smart little buggers.

TV Image credit: jamie_cross / 123RF Stock Photo



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