Pugs Shed – A LOT!

Pugs Shed – A LOT!

It’s true.  Pugs shed a lot.  Many dogs do (see the happy face in the photo!?)  All my peeps friends say, “oh…your pugs shed?  I didn’t think they shed.”  I’m here to tell you…we do!  Pugs have double-coats, some of us triple-coats and the undercoat is very nice and soft!  We also “BLOW” our coats and shed more frequently during time of stress and when the season change.  Plus, I get a bath every six weeks like clock-work.

What Can You Do — Pugs Shed — Period ?

What to do?  Well…to keep your home somewhat free of Pug hair, we like to be groomed!  Brush our coats weekly (we like it daily the best!) and get that vacuum out.  Brushing us will keep our coats shiney and remove the loose hairs that miraculously appear everywhere in your house.  Still…what’s not to love.  Shedding or not?  Gotta love a pug!  LOVE, POCO

I am updating this post on 2/11/14 because it was written quite some time ago.  I’m wondering if some of you would head over to the forums and chime-in on the question, “Would you shave your pug?”  I’m curious about this because I have seen it done.  What’s your thoughts?

Image credit: sinseeho / 123RF Stock Photo

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  1. I know someone that always shaves her pug and surprisingly, if done right, it looked fine. I’m not sure I’d do it though.

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