I shed alot.  NO…I really mean ALOT!  For people who think us Pugs don’t shed, it ain’t true!

You just can’t stop my shedding, BUT you can actually reduce it for long periods of time. Not all of us Pugs are the same.  My sister, Poppie, has a really, really thick coat of fur.  Phoebe’s coat is short like mine but she’s black so be careful when you wear white my friends!   My hair on the other hand is short and not all that thick.  Here’s what my Mom does to help:

1.  Vacuum

2.  Take me to the groomer and have me “Furminated”

3.  Brush.  Brush.

4.  Vacuum some more! 🙂

Although I jest, it’s true.  Just keep me nicely groomed and everyone’s happy!

What do you do to stop shedding? What have you tried that really works? Please let everyone know, and leave a comment!

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