Why are Pugs So Cute

Why are Pugs So Cute

Recently Quora posted the question:  Why are Pugs So Cute?  Here’s how we answered from PugFace.

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  • Some people (we know who you are) don’t think Pugs are cute at all.  I secretly used to be one of them until I was adopted by one.  To date I’ve been adopted 4 times and that makes me qualified to comment why PUGS ARE CUTE!
  • Pugs are better than humans and they know it
  • Pugs know how to love unconditionally
  • Pugs are clowns in funny fur and wrinkles.  Face it.  That’s ” why are Pugs are so cute.”
  • Pugs can imitate other creatures.  The Pig comes to mind.  Snort!
  • Pugs can play games like “On the couch, off the couch, on the couch. Run wild through the living room.  On the couch, off the couch”…etc….
  • Pugs can scream wildly, especially in the car on the way to the park.  That’s “why are Pugs are so cute.”
  • Pugs can make their face quiver when they scream.
  • Pugs absolutely love baseball and football on TV.  They watch very intently.
  • Pugs know which commercials they hate and will always voice their opinion.
  • Pugs are smart and some even refuse to pee outside when it’s raining.  They know better than go out in the rain.
  • Pugs are Pugs.  They are perfect, cute little packages of joy that steal your heart and they love love love kisses!

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